Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Purpose of personal information processing
(‘http://jpsolu.com/’, below called ‘JP Solution’) is processing personal information for the following purposes and do not use for any other purposes.
– To answer customers’ questions and identify personal information, use in future warranty, maintenance and marketing procedures, inform about new services and events, and send JP solution promotion and campaign reminder mail.

2. Processing and retention of personal information
① JP Solution processes and retain personal information within the period of personal information possession and usage or law which agreed when we collect the personal information from the information subject.
② The following is detail of personal information processing and retention period.
Collection and utilization of personal information : until the service use contract or membership cancellation. However, if the bond or debt relationship remains, until the settlement of the bond or debt relationship
– Supply record including contract on e-commerce, subscription withdrawal, payment, supplies etc. : 5 years

3. The rights and duties of the information subject and legal representatives may exercise the following rights as a personal information subject.
① The information subject can exercise the right to protect personal information in each of the following numbers at any time for JP Solution.
1) Require access to personal information
2) Require correction if there is an error
3) Request to delete
4) Request to stop processing

4. Create items for personal information
① JP Solution handles the following personal information items :
– Required items : email, name, company contact number, company name

5. The destruction of personal information (‘JP Solution’) will destroy the personal information in principal without delay if the purpose of processing it is achieved. The following is the procedure, period and method of destruction.
– Disposal procedures
The information entered by the user is transferred to a separate database upon achievement of the purpose (in case of paper, separated document) and is immediately destroyed after stored for a certain period according to internal policies and other related laws. In this case, the personal information transferred to database is not used for other purposes except under the law.

– Due date of destruction
5 days from the end of the period of the personal information if the personal information of the user is already processed. The personal information is destroyed within five days from the date when it is identified unnecessary to process it If the business is terminated or the personal information becomes unnecessary. (edited)

6. The items about installation and rejection the automatic collection of personal information
We do not use cookie which store and retrieve information anytime.

7. Personal information protection manager
① JP Solution is in charge of the entire personal information processing business, and is responsible for handling complaints and helping from damages.
Manager of personal information protection

Name : Park Joon
Position : President
Position Level : Representative Director
Contact : 02)6269-5679, jp@jpgsolu.com, 070)8668-0399
※Will be directed to the department in charge of personal information protection.
Department for personal information protection

Department name : Consulting Business Headquarters
Manager : Lee Seung Min
Contact : 02)6269-5679, jp@jpsolu.com, 070)8668-0399

② Information subject can inquire about personal information protection, complaints handling, and repair of damages which occurred while using the service (or business) of JP Solution. The JP Solution will respond promptly to our information subject’s inquiries.

8. Changes of privacy policy
① This Privacy Policy will be applied as of the date of enforcement and the change will be notified by seven-day before the date of implementation if there are any changes happened according to the law and policy

9. JP Solution takes the technical, administrative and physical actions to ensure safety according to the Article 29 of the Privacy Act
① Regular internal audit
Conducting a self-inspection on a regular basis (quarterly) to ensure safety of personal information.

② Establishment and implementation of an internal management plan
Internal management plans are established and implemented for safe personal information processing.

③ Limiting access to personal information
The company takes necessary measures to control access to private information using intrusion prevention system through the granting, modification, and cancellation of access rights to the database system.

④ Use a lock to secure documents
Documents and storage mediums that contain personal information are stored in a locked place.

⑤ Access control for non authorized persons
Access control operated for the physical storage area where personal information is stored.

10. Request for personal information
① The information subject can request for personal information access according to Article 35 of the Privacy Act to the following departments. JP Solution will do best to process inquiries of personal information quickly.

Department of claims for personal information access inquiry
Name of department : Consulting business headquarters
Person in charge : Lee Seung min 대리
Contact : 02)6269-5679, jp@jpsolu.com, 070)8668-0399

② In addition to the department for receiving and processing access as paragraph number 1, the information subject can request personal information through the website(www.privacy.go.kr) of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security of Personal Information Protection Portal.

11. Remedy for the violation of data subject rights
The following organizations are separate from the JP solution, and if you are not satisfied with the damage relief result or need more detailed help, please contact following lists :

Personal Information Violations Report Center (operated by the Korea Internet Security Agency)
– Business under control : Report the personal information violation and request consulting
– Website : privacy.kisa.or.kr
– Telephone : 118
– Address : (58324) 3rd floor, Jinheung-gil 9 (BitGaram-Dong 301-2) Personal Information Violations Report Center

Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee
– Business under control : Apply for settlement of personal information disputes and group disputes (civil settlement)
– Website : www.kopico.go.kr
– Telephone : 1833
– Address : (03171) 4th floor, 209 Seoul Government Complex Building, Sejong-daero, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Supreme Prosecutor’s Office Internet Crime Investigation Center : 02-3480-3573 (www.spo.go.kr)
National Police Agency Cyber Security : 182 (http://cyberbureau.police.go.kr)

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