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Justice‘ and ‘Positive‘ Solution

JP solution is specialized in access control and integrated security, achieved by the high security and convenience of our professional “CUSTO” solution. It provides technical consulting services for IT and information infrastructure that is suitable for improvement of corporate management and information strategy, as well as national and international software as differentiated services. We also provide various products such as Microsoft Azure, IBM Newell, CoresNET EKRAN, Black Duck, MDS Everytalk and more.


ID and Password are areas that will never disappear.
However, there is a contradiction that the user is responsible for the security.
How can the user be responsible while creating an ID?


If we were able to configure security that is managed through smart identity or biometric …


JP Solution will provide the answer.


Presents a new way of convergence security starting with Custo in, Custo on, Custo pass, Custo work, Custo meal.

JP Solution

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