• 2017


    May : Received order for Samsung Medison HPC deployment project (selected as IBM HPC strategy partner), Service Systems HW, Solution Deployment Business.

    August : Completed the demo project for the attendance management using finger vein targeting over 100 learning institutions designated by the Korea Polytechnics and the Industrial Human Resources Corporation

    November : Hyundai HDS Co., Ltd. registered as a supplier

  • 2016


    January : PC Audit Solution EKRAN Commercial Exclusive Distribution Agreement (with CoresNET Co.)

    May : Released soho-type attendance management product based on finger vein authentication

    June : Released solutions of access control and PC authentication solution based on finger vein authentication
    – BI Product `Custo` confirmed (In Latin: guardian/surveillant)

    December : Received order from the Industrial Human Resources Corporation to build next-generation system attendance management module (based on finger vein)
    – Provide Samsung Medison SW maintenance


  • 2015


    February : Mobile App related solution patent “Patent No. 10-1491706” (Method for providing door access control service based on application)

    August : Completed development of convergence type access control and PC authentication solution Card In-Enter

    December : Completed development of HID Global , Korecen (Finger Vein reader) interworking card On ver.1

  • 2014


    January : JP Solution Card-In, Card-On , Moba-In Solution Development Completed

    June : JP Solution’s solution patent “Patent No. 10-1403045” (Method for providing terminal access service interlocked with access control)

    November : Exclusive Distribution Agreement with SKT for card-In Leased Business


  • 2013


    July : JP Solution Co., Ltd. Establishment
    Hyosung Information Co., Fuji Xerox Co., DELL Korea, Safe Net , LG CNS Corporation Agreement
    IDentive, HID Global , 2FA Domestic Exclusive Distribution Agreement
    JP Solution Co., Ltd. Juridical Establishment
    Partnership Agreement with Fuji Xerox Korea
    KIST XRD Research Institute naviGO Foundation

  • 2012


    LOEN ENTERTAINMENT (Melon) Enchanced Data Processing System

    Wooshin Motors (Hyundai Capital Corporation) Enchanced Security System Foundation


  • 2011


    SONY KOREA Headquaters Smart Office Foundation

    SAMSUNG Electronics Giheung Research Insititute naviGO Foundation

  • 2008


    Partnership Agreement with HID

    Partnership Agreement with AI


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