Microsoft AZURE

Azure is a comprehensive set of cloud services that developers and IT professionals use to build, deploy and manage the applications across the Microsoft’s global data centre network.

Integration tools, DevOps and marketplace help to build from simple mobile app to internet-scale solutions

Azure Features

  • High productivity

    – Use all development tools or languages
    – More than 100 Azure cloud services
    – Manage applications regardless of size or complexity
    – Accelerate application delivery with an agile development

  • Hybrid

    – Build and deploy consistent solutions in a public or private cloud
    – Use performance and security of SQL Server
    – Consistent user experience with common ID
    – Optimize and protect a hybrid Infrastructure

  • Intelligent

    – Develop innovative apps with built-in intelligence
    – Build and deploy large custom AI models
    – Expansion of the possibility as an open platform

  • High reliability

    – More certifications than any other third-party cloud providers
    – Increase security status security with Azure


* Internal threat detection and monitoring solution
– Intuitive user behavior analysis through session recording
– Manage work history for outsourced workers and ensure the reliability
– Maintain privacy with selective log collection based on policies
– Keep the compliance / quick cause identifications and evidence submission

Expected effects (Easy, Fast, Accuracy)

  • Monitor external business activities

    – Check the action events of outsourced service and maintenance company
    – Increased awareness and user accountability through the output of warnings and notifications

  • Audit compliance and security

    – Audit non-application user behaviors with accurate user identification
    – ISMS, privacy act. ISO27001 meets local regulations regarding financial institutions

  • Analysis the cause root causes

    – Convenient search with filtering function
    – Prompt and precise clarification of causes about “Who did what?”

IBM Newell

IBM handles from artificial intelligence to deep learning, advanced big data analysis and computational intensive jobs faster and more efficiently.
* IBM POWER9 with the best Volta GPU(V100)
* Industry’s only NVLink2 connection architecture between CPU-GPU and GPU-GPU
* First server platform with Pcle Gen4


* Deep Learning, announcing ‘Spring of artificial intelligence’
As one of the machine learning methodologies based on artificial neural networks, it is the technology that computers study and make a decision by itself like a human brain finds patterns from a lot of data and distinguishes things

IBM Newell Features

  • Next-generation POWER9 processor integrated

    – Differentiate the chips for scale-up / scale-put and twice the number of cores per socket
    – I/O port dedicated to the accelerator

  • Equipped with the latest TELSA VOLTA 100 GPU of NVLINK type

    – LVLink V100’s TFLOPS is 12% better than PCle V100
    – 9.4 times better connection speed

  • IBM AC922 “NEWELL”

    – Connect POWER9 and Volta with NVLink 2.0 at 150GB/s
    – Implemented PCle Gen4

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